Your Audio-Book The Habits of Highly Effective People

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Now lets get on with the story – I remember My grandma’s favorite story was about how everything cost two cents when she was young.

But now, everything constantly got more expensive. And it was all because of the government. These uneducated pigs didn’t know how to control prices. And when I was privileged enough to hear this story, her complaining would last for hours and hours. And that’s exactly what reactive people do. They always focus on the things that they cannot control. It’s not possible that a concept like inflation would exist.

And if it did, it’s impossible that they wouldn’t know about it! On the other hand, proactive people realize,

Look, even if my complaining were completely objective, it doesn’t help me. So I’m going to focus on what I can control. If a proactive person owns a business where he sells a product, instead of focusing on how people these days don’t appreciate good products anymore, and how the government has horrible regulations, he focuses on,

“How can I improve my product, so my customers can’t live without it?” Do you realize how much responsibility, how much dedication, how much hard work comes along with asking that question? And what do you think our effort-minimizing brain is going to pick as default? And that is exactly why most people focus on the things that they cannot control, rather than focusing on the things that they can.

Habit number 1 is: be proactive.

Now imagine you’re at a funeral, but this one’s different from all the funerals you’ve ever been to. You’re standing over the casket and you see yourself. What do you have to say about yourself? This is one of the most powerful questions you could ask. Are you doing the things in your life,which are aligned with what you want to be able to say? Do you want to say that you were a good spouse? If that’s the case, how does coming home and instantly being negative towards your spouse affect that? Do you want to be remembered as a person who added value to society? If that’s the case, are you doing the things that will allow you to say that, or are you scared of failure and choose comfortable mediocrity instead? Almost every one of us will have to readjust how we live when we ask that question.

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