You Audiobook is Waiting – The Hobbit – Chapter 1

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It’s amazing to be back here again. This is Bag End exactly as it was in “The Lord of the Rings.” It was actually built in our B-stage here in Wellington, which is exactly the same stage as it was built 12 years ago. We’ve been shooting for a few days now, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little look at the lead-out of filming and some of the pre-production that lead up to the first day of our shoot.

And I look forward to keeping you up-to-date as we go through the next two or three years. See you soon! Oh, you’re in 3D – looking good. See ya. And this pulls beautifully. This look great when it’s drawn – and it actually works. And he could also go fighting with the remnants, sort of hanging on to his body and be impaling people. We wanted to create a very non-human shape. We do need to do a little blog. You might want to say “hi” to the fans of “The Hobbit.” Shy artists… my dear, my dear.

So we’re going up to wardrobe, and we’re having a look at a couple of dwarf wardrobe and makeup fittings, which is always exciting – not that we’ll show you much in this particular blog because we’ll save them for the future. But at least you’ll get to see a little bit of our wardrobe department. A lot of very busy people working on a lot of costumes. A lot of interesting textures and detail and leather and embossing, and it’s all pretty cool, yeah? It’s like sort of a big wizard’s workshop.

Hello. Oh my God – hello. You can use it like a mase. You can just swing, knocking, and cut their throat, and whacking like this. Let me say, there’s a nice bit were he goes, and takes out about ten orcs with those. Now this is a familiar set. It’s “Elron’s Chamber,” so it’s an exact copy of the one we had in “The

Fellowship of the Ring.” In fact, just over here on the balcony, is where the Council of Elrond took place – where the fellowship was formed, and Frodo wanted to take the ring to Mordor.

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