Save Money on AudioBooks with Audible – Our Best Audible Tips

Our Best Audible Tips

Hi, there, If you have been watching my video, you know I’m huge fan of Audiobooks. I’ve been using Audible for more than 3 years now, and currently, they are running a sweet deal, You can get 30 DAYS fREE ACCESS AND 2 AUDIOBOOKS AT

So, if you were thinking about trying an audiobook,now it’s good time. In this video, I share my experience with Audible, how is it compared to physical book and most importantly if you do decide to try Audible, I’ll share all the awesome tips and tricks that I’ve noticed so far.

But they are mostly known for their subscription service. A typical audiobook costs $30-50; but with Audible gold subscription, you pay $16+ every month, for which you get one credit, which you can use to buy any 1 book from Audible, be it $5 or $35. When you buy a book from audible, it’s yours to keep for lifetime, even if you cancel it, you keep the book, plus there is 30% discount on other audiobooks.

I read audible? For one, it’s fast – most audiobooks are 5-6 hours long, which means you can easily finish it during one big road trip or a dayoff.

In fact, before making the Bitcoin video, I just finished books on bitcoins in 4 hours. Second, you actually get to read the book, I mean, yes if you are avid reader, you’ll carry a book in your hand. But let’s admit it, most of us don’t have enough discipline to sit each day and finish a book. At least, I’m not that guy. And, getting an Audible subscription helps to listen more books – since my phone is always with me, I can listen to audiobooks while commuting, before going to bed. I’m not an avid reader, but with audible, I’m able to read 10 – 20 books a year, which would never be possible otherwise.

So, if you are on bored, here are some tips and tricks to get most out of audible.

#1 How to Get 2 Free Audiobooks From Audible

Audible understands that some people can’t stay focused while listening to an audiobook, which is why they offer 2 free audiobook for you to try, if you don’t like it you can cancel your subscription and you won’t be charged anything. However, what most people don’t know is that, there is one simple trick by which can get you two Audiobooks in your free trial instead of one.

You have to simply head over to and search for the book you want to listen to, like mastery by robert green, in this case, While checking out, you’ll notice – this book plus the second one is on the house for a new customer.

#2 How to bypass Audible geographical restrictions Just like Netflix has a different catalog for each country, not all the audiobooks on Audible are available in every country. Even though you pay the same membership fees.

#3 A Simple Trick to Get 50% Discount on Audible for Three Months Subscribing to Audible for $16+ a month may seem a little expensive, especially in the developing countries where the purchasing parity is quite low compared to the west. So, if you are thinking of cancelling your subscription, Audible would most likely try and retain you with a discounted plan, like with 50% off, for next 3 months. Though, it goes without saying that it’ll work only once per user; and who knows amazon might change their policy anytime in future.

#4 Use Secret Silver Subscription Plan to Save Money on Audible You’d be surprised know that, Audible has a secret silver plan that costs $15 every two months instead of one; meaning you’d be charged for every alternate month. For some strange reasons, Audible doesn’t advertise this silver plan on their website. But if you don’t read much and are happy with 6 credit a year instead of 12, ask the customer support to enroll you in to the silver plan. Now, some of you may be wondering, why use silver plan? When you can cancel your subscription and restart it every alternate month.

Well, other than the simple waste of time, If you cancel your Audible subscription, you lose all the unused credit and also don’t get 30% discounts on other audiobooks. However, with that silver subscription, you get to keep the unused credits, and maybe even buy the cheaper book which is less than$16+, in the alternate month, when you have no credits.

#5 Watch for Audible’s special deals – If you’ve finished your monthly audiobook in just few days, then consider subscribing to Audible Daily Deal, which as the name goes, offer one particular audiobook at a reduced price.

#6 Return the book you don’t like This one is not exactly a tip but still worth pointing out.

#7 Download Higher Quality Audio Books For Crisper Sound By default, Audible downloads the lower (or “Standard”) quality version of the audiobooks when you buy. But if you like me who crave for top-quality voice overs. simply. goto Download Settings on the audible app and,.and choose “High Quality.” from Download Format. Though, Keep in mind that higher quality audio will result in larger downloads, so make room on your device for the files. #8 Buy Kindle deals and add the Audible option eg – Artemis Kindle Edition Finally, and I found this after a long time,

So, another way get good discount on Audible is, instead of buying a book from your credit or from Audible, buy the Kindle version of the book from Amazon.and while you at it, For instance, the audiobook Artemis is priced $17 on Audible, but if you search for kindle edition of this book on amazon, you can see it’s priced at $3, and if you add an audiobook on top of that, it’ll cost $8 more, in total it’s just $12 for both the audiobook and kindle, and it’s still cheaper than getting the same audiobook from audible. Obviously, this doesn’t work for every book, but if you are buying in bulk, this could save you a few bucks with barely 3 clicks more .

Be sure to get your access for 30 days and get your 2 free audiobooks for you or children audiobooks.

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